CARTV Programs

In order of carry out the mission assigned by the Law, the Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants (CARTV) has implemented five key programs :

1.  Reference Manual Establishment

This program determines the drawing up process of reference manuals managed by the CARTV.

2.  Recognition of Reserved Designations and Authorization of Added-Value Claims

This program specifies the reviewing methods of any applications for the recognition of designations for agri-food products such as attestation of their production mode, production region and their specificity or the authorization of added-value claims.

3. Certification Bodies’ Accreditation

This program consists of two parts, accreditation of certification bodies on the one hand and recognition of bodies certifying products from outside Québec on the other hand. The Board has entrusted to the Committee on Accreditation for Evaluation of Quality (CAEQ) the responsibility for assessing the competence of certification bodies applying for initial accreditation and supervising bodies that have obtained an accreditation. The CAEQ is also responsible for evaluating initial recognition application from bodies certifying products from outside Québec and designated by recognized reserved designations.

4. Supervision of the Use of Reserved Designations

This program, which finality is to protect consumers against fraudulent and unauthorized use of any reserved designation, defines the activities intended to control the commercial use of designations in order to prevent the unlawful sale of designated products on Québec's territory. Implemented measures aim to assure compliance with requirements relating to the certification of products originating from Quebec as well as the acceptance conditions for all products bearing a reserved designation and introduced in Québec on the other hand.

5. Information to the Public and the Industry

This program determines the means taken by the organization to reach and inform the public and industry, concerning the Québec recognition and control system of reserved designations, as well as the standards and requirements in force. It also specifies the rules governing the processing of the information requests addressed to the organization.

CARTV Programs