Certifying your Organic Products


So you have decided to launch an organic agriculture operation. Bravo!

As you most certainly know, organic agriculture is based on a general set of strict standards developed to provide a framework for production methods and to guarantee the integrity of producers as well as the authenticity of their products.

Why certify your products?

The central focus of organic production is the path followed by products from the time and place they are fabricated until they are made available to consumers.

From its very beginning, organic agriculture was the result of direct contact between small producers and consumers, as such it was very easy to ensure product authenticity. Then came increasing demands, growing economic interests in production and longer distances separating producers from consumers. Thus the need developed for a system of certification for organic operations. This certification is intended to guarantee that agricultural food and products sold under the "organic" designation do actually originate from an organic operation that applies organic growing methods.

Certification thus guarantees the authenticity and the integrity of organic agrifood products being purchased by consumers.

What is certification?

Certification is an administrative procedure carried out by an official certification body, and culminating in a written guarantee that your products and also your operating system comply with specification requirements, in accordance with Québec Organic Certification Manual.

Whether destined for the Quebec market or for export, it is imperative that your organic products be monitored by a certification body approved or accredited by the CARTV.

Choosing your certifier

Choosing a certification body is a decision based on the several factors. You may consider one or more or them, depending on your needs and on the markets you target to distribute and sell your products.

Once this is done, it is up to you to contact the certification body of your choice and verify that it will meet your needs.

Certifying your Organic Products