Designation of Specificity

The designation of specificity is a designation category that focuses on a characteristic rather than on a specific region of origin.

The designation of specificity recognizes a product’s traditional or specific characteristics. For a traditional specificity designation, it may be characteristics influenced by the product’s history, such as traditional raw materials, traditional composition, or traditional production or processing methods. If certain specific know-how was used to prepare a product, the recognition of a traditional designation of specificity recognizes that only products that comply with this know-how will be authentic.

For a non-traditional designation of specificity, it may be a characteristic derived from the production method, or any other characteristics that make the product unique.

In the case of a designation of specificity, the product may be produced throughout Quebec, regardless of a specific product region.

Guide de demande d’une appellation de spécificité (AS) ou d’une appellation de spécificité traditionnelle [PDF] (In French)

Designation of Specificity