Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants.



We want to use the description “natural” on our packaging. Where can we find the standards on labelling using this term?

The description of “natural” is not considered to be a synonym, derivative or diminutive of the word “organic.” However, the Government of Canada has issued directives on the use of various such terms. For more details, please consult the website of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The packaging or labelling of some certified organic products that I sell in my store is not compliant. What should I do?

Please contact the information service of the Conseil des Appellations Réservées et des Termes Valorisants as quickly as possible. (File a complaint)

Can I indicate ingredients that are organic in a processed product that is not certified organic?

Yes. Organic ingredients in a multi-ingredient product that is not certified organic may be shown in the list of ingredients printed on the label. 

However, descriptions such as “organic”, “made from organic ingredients” or any similar wording are prohibited on labels, in advertising, and in commercial documents if the product is not certified.

It is important to note that this does not apply in the case of single-ingredient products. This means that, to be able to use the “organic” description in the list of ingredients of a product whose sole ingredient is organic, certification is required.

I am an egg producer without organic certification, and I feed my hens with organic meal. Can I say so?

Unless a product has Organic certification, referring to an organic production method anywhere other than the list of ingredients is prohibited. Organic meal is not an ingredient of the product, and therefore must not be mentioned.

As manager of a retail store, I buy certified organic products in bulk and then place them in bins so that consumers can purchase the quantity they desire. What can I indicate on the bins to let them know the organic status of products?

You must obtain Organic certification to conduct this kind of operation. (More details)

Who approves the labelling of a product using a reserved designation prior to marketing?

The body that certifies a business’s products must approve its labels to ensure that they comply with current regulations. In case of doubt, you may contact the Conseil des Appellations Réservées et des Termes Valorisants for validation of the information shown on labels or packaging.

Can I say that a product or business has “certification pending” or is “transitioning to organic”?

No. The Organic designation can only be used when a certificate has been issued by an accredited certification body.