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Most experts believe that in our industrialized countries organic food has become a way of life. In Quebec the amount of organic food being consumed is constantly increasing. Until the end of the last decade, only a limited number of customers would choose organic products. Today, a much broader section of the population is being seduced by them, demonstrating they are very concerned about their health.

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A reserved designation

The organic designation is reserved in Quebec since February 1st, 2000. This reservation means that all food product identifying themselves as organic or biologique and any other related term must respond to a precise specification manual and have been certified by a CARTV accredited certifier (products from Quebec) or by CFIA (products outside of Quebec).

Labeling rules

Products which have obtained an organic certification must meet certain labelling requirements. The most important remains the mandatory inclusion of the words "certified by" followed by the name of the certifier. The certifiers’ logos are always optional on products certified with more than 70 percent organic ingredients and forbidden on those containing less than this percentage. A document explains these requirements:

Buying guide

Quebec certified organic products are now sold everywhere. The CARTV has established a tool to help consumers select them: a directory of Quebec organic products.

A product not in conformity?

If you believe that a product identified with a reserved designation could not be in conformity with the requirements, either because it is not certified by an accredited body, or because of its incorrect labelling or for any other valid reason, you can lodge a complaint against the producer or the manufacturer of this product. The process is simple and dealt with in a fully confidential manner.


Information for consumers