Become a member of the Board


The Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants is composed of nine members.

The Conseil des ministres is responsible for appointing two Board members, the President and Chief Executive Officer and a Québec government representative.

The Conseil de promotion de l'agroalimentaire québécois chooses seven members from among the candidates proposed by groups of:

  • producers;
  • processors;
  • distributors;
  • retailers;
  • certification bodies;
  • consumers;
  • producers of products that contain alcohol.

Those who wish to become members of the Board should submit their applications to the groups that represent them. These groups propose candidates to the Conseil de promotion de l’agroalimentaire québécois, based on the sector they represent.

The members representing groups are appointed for a renewable two-year term in such a manner that two positions on the Board become vacant each year. The term of representatives of processors, retailers, certification bodies and producers of products that contain alcohol ends in an even-numbered year, whereas the term of representatives of producers, distributors and consumers ends in an odd-numbered year. On the expiry of their term, the members remain in office until replaced or reappointed.

A member of the Board may resign by sending a written notice of resignation to the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.


Contact Information for the Conseil de promotion de l'agroalimentaire québécois:

Conseil de promotion de l'agroalimentaire québécois
240-555 boul. Roland-Therrien
Longueuil Québec J4H 4E7


Become a member of the Board