Production method

The recognition of a production method is the recognition of a specific way of producing products that uses various new techniques and production constraints that go beyond current regulations.

This is true of organic products, whose production method authenticity was recognized in Québec in 2000. The organic designation thus establishes additional criteria in relation to current regulations in order to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment.


Organic designation

Organic agriculture requires specific production methods that are subject to very strict regulations.Organic operators give priority to using cultivation methods that promote environmental conservation and guarantee the sustainable of agricultural activity. These operators try to maintain diversity within their livestock and vegetable production, often using varieties or species that are less common or that have quite simply been forgotten.

Food and products resulting from organic agricultural production methods exclude the use of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, artificial or soluble fertilizers, they limit the use of inputs and they favour working methods that involve the recycling of natural organic matter and crop rotation.To learn more about how to benefit from organic designations, visit our section dedicated exclusively to organic food: Organic Designation


Production method