What is an Organic Product?


Dietetic or natural products are not inevitably organic. Above all, any organic product must respect a very strict regulation that is detailed by explicit specifications. A CARTV-approved certification body controls the application of such specifications.

The reference organic leads consumers to deduce, by inference, that produces or foodstuffs were produced using specific organic agricultural methods.

Main characteristics of organic produces and foodstuffs

Source : ML 

For crops:

  • No chemical pesticides nor weed killers; instead use mechanical or thermal weeding techniques and organic methods in order to protect crops;

  • No synthesis fertilizer nor scrubbing sludge; instead reinforce the soil by using proven agriculture methods such as crop rotation, application of natural manure and spreading of composted organic material;

  • No seeds originating from GMOs, instead use only original seeds;

For animal breeding:

  • No antibiotics nor growth hormones; instead use alternative therapeutic techniques such as homeopathy;

  • No animal flours in food diets; instead use feed (fodder for example) that is cultivated according to organic standards and without GMOs;

  • No overpopulation of animals in closed buildings; instead provide decent living conditions having adequate moving space, sunlight and fresh air;

Source : Éric Labonté

Source : Marc Lajoie

For processed food products:

  • No chemical dyes, artificial flavors nor additives resulting from synthesis, thus preserving the original taste;

  • No preservatives

  • No irradiation

What is an Organic Product?