Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants.


Netiquette is a set of rules of conduct and civility that apply to exchanges between Internet users.


Netiquette is a set of rules of conduct and civility that apply to exchanges between Internet users.

Netiquette, as the name suggests, is a set of rules of etiquette – standards of good manners – to be followed in exchanges on the “net” (the internet). To ensure that discussions remain healthy and constructive, netiquette must be followed in comments that are published on the various websites of the Conseil des Appellations Réservées et des Termes Valorisants (CARTV) and in its social media accounts.

Visitors are free to express their ideas in a civil manner. Everyone is welcome to post comments, ask questions and report ideas that can contribute to a healthy, constructive discussion.

Differences of opinion are acceptable as long as they show respect and courtesy – two qualities that are essential for exchanges of views that are beneficial for all. Comments that present real, verifiable facts and are written constructively will be kept provided that they follow the rules of netiquette. This means that, if a comment is deleted, the reason is not that the CARTV disagrees with the poster, but that the standards of netiquette set out below were not followed.

Rules of participation

Participants agree to follow the principles set out below.


  • courtesy
  • constructive criticism
  • respect for intellectual property

The CARTV reserves the right not to publish a comment or to delete a comment without notice if it:

  • Is irrelevant, confused, inaccurate or partisan, or contains false information.
  • Uses disrespectful, vulgar, obscene or insulting language.
  • Contains remarks that are defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, sexist or derogatory about an ethnic origin, an age group or a religious identity or the holding of philosophical convictions.
  • Contains words or phrases written in capital letters, which are regarded as shouting, and may be interpreted as expressing violence or anger.
  • Reproduces the words of another writer without acknowledging the source.
  • Contains advertising or promotional messages, whether personal or commercial in nature.
  • Is posted repeatedly within a short space of time.

Visitors who wish to challenge remarks that have been posted may express their disagreement, but must show respect and courtesy. If discussions between participants degenerate into negativity or are unduly prolonged, the CARTV may intervene and terminate them. The CARTV also reserves the right to block access to its social media accounts to subscribers who do not follow the rules of participation or to remove them from its list of subscribers.

The CARTV reserves the right not to reply to a comment or to delete a comment that is considered incomprehensible.

The CARTV is not responsible for the content of remarks made by participants or for links that they provide to external websites or social media accounts. Nor can it guarantee the quality of writing used in participants’ comments.

Any personal or confidential information will be removed promptly and without notice, in order to protect privacy.

The CARTV cannot discuss particular cases or reveal confidential information.

The CARTV monitors and moderates its websites and social media accounts on business days during office hours.

Final provisions

The CARTV may modify the rules of participation at any time without notice. Where necessary, these rules may be adapted to suit the various websites and social media accounts of the CARTV, and visitors are requested to take note of the rules on each site.

The CARTV reserves the right to suspend discussions on its website and social media accounts temporarily or permanently or remove this functionality.

The CARTV cannot be held liable for damage suffered as a consequence of use of its websites and social media accounts or of their nonavailability.

The CARTV’s websites and social media accounts and their use are governed by current legislation in Québec and by the rules of each social medium.