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Our team

A highly motivated team with diversified, high-level expertise

Marie-Josée Gouin, agr. ASC

President and CEO

Élisabeth Vigneault

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Jocelyn Roy

Information Coordinator - Communications | Special Advisor to the Management

Annie Cadieux

Coordinator Assistant

Chantal Martel

Administrative Assistant

Marjolaine Mondon, agr.

Project Coordinator, Reserved Designation Recognition and Maintenance

Guylaine Pruneau

Information Systems and Communications Assistant

Tina Girard

Communications and Public Relations Manager

Suzanne Cazelais, agr.

Coordinator, Customer Relations

Vincent Vilela

Executive Assistant and Director, Accreditation (CAEQ)

Jeannine Okmeni, PhD, MBA

Assistant Director, Accreditation (CAEQ)

Rachel Agricole, M. Sc.

Conformity Assessment Officer, Accréditation (CAEQ)

Naira Mkrtchyan

Quality Assurance Officer, Accreditation (CAEQ)

Geneviève Arsenault

Coordinator, Surveillance Officer – Inspector

Mathilde Noël

Surveillance Officer – Inspector

Manon Sévigny

Surveillance Officer – Inspector

Gwenaëlle Reyt

Counsellor on Food Cultural Approaches