The Act Respecting Reserved Designations and Added-Value Claims

This bill replaces the Act respecting reserved designations. Its purpose is to regulate the use of designations and claims identifying agricultural, aquacultural and other food products intended for sale, and to establish the Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants for that purpose. The functions of the Board include accrediting certification bodies, holding consultations on the proposed specifications or characteristics of the products concerned, and advising the Minister on the recognition of reserved designations or the authorization of added-value claims.

The bill gives the Minister the power to recognize reserved designations, to authorize added-value claims by regulation and to define the standards to be met by products in order to qualify for those designations or claims. It grants the exclusive right to use a recognized reserved designation or authorized added-value claim to the parties registered with an accredited certification body, which certifies the products concerned as compliant with the applicable specification manual or with the regulation of the Minister.

In addition, the bill grants the Board the inspection and seizure powers necessary to regulate the use of the designations under its authority. It grants the Minister the regulatory powers necessary to administer the Act and, particularly, to determine criteria and requirements for the recognition of reserved designations and for the accreditation of certification bodies.

Lastly, the bill prescribes offences and penalties to permit enforcement and contains transitional provisions.

The Act Respecting Reserved Designations and Added-Value Claims