Designation of Origin (DO)

The Designation of Origin (DO) recognizes products that originate from a specific region, i.e. produced in this region. The names of products are often identified with their region of origin. The designation of origin is a geographical designation used to designate a product that comes from a specific country, region or town.

Products with a designation of origin must demonstrate that they originate from this region and have natural factors of their terroir, including regional geographical characteristics (geology, agronomy, climate, production conditions), and human characteristics (know-how, culture, history), all of which serve to define the product's specific qualities as well as its personal identity.

The designation of origin thus implies a very close link between the product, the terroir and human know-how. A designation of origin requires that all of the product’s production operations must be carried out within the region after which the designation is named.

Application Guide. Designation of Origin (DO). Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) 


Designation of Origin (DO)