How to Recognize Organic Products


The use of an organic designation is strictly reserved for agricultural food and products originating from organic agriculture, either in whole or in part.

Organic products marketed in Quebec must comply with certain labeling rules, thus making it easy for consumers to distinguish organic from conventional products.

In order to verify the authenticity of any agrifood product having packaging or labels that mention the term "organic," one of its synonyms or abbreviations (legible on one of the main labels or panels, or simply within its list of ingredients), you should:

  • Look for the certified by mention followed by the name of a certification body that monitored this product, inscribed in a clear and easily detected manner on the packaging or label,

  • Verify that the certification body mentioned has been accredited by the CARTV for products from Qubec or accredited by the CFIA for product from outside Quebec.

    Refer to the list of certifiers.

Keep for future reference!

Depending on to the percentage of organic ingredients contained in each product, some very precise instructions have been established relative to labeling regulations and certain information that should appear on them.

You are about to go shopping but all these rules are still not clear in your mind?

Download our checklist and take it with you to the store.

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How to Recognize Organic Products