Québec Organic Designation Specification Manual

One standard for all organic products in Québec

The CARTV has decided that on January 1st 2012, the specification manual relating to products resulting from an organic production method includes a new reference certification manual based on the technical requirements of the Canadian Organic Standards (COS).

The Québec Certification Reference Manual used to evaluate organic product certification applications corresponds to the National Standard of Canada for Organic Agriculture, whose requirements are published by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB).


Specification Manual

Update : October 5, 2020. Enforcement : October 5, 2020.

Specification Manual



Archived Version 2019

Specification Manual



Archived Version 2016

Part 1 : Persons to whom the specification manual applies and related obligations 

Part 2 : Transition of a crop farm to the organic production method

Part 3 : Organic Aquaculture Standards

Part 4 : Requirements for Labelling, Advertising, Display Materials and Commercial Documents


Canadian Organic Standards

Organic Production Systems:

Organic production systems : Aquaculture - general principles, management standards and permitted substances lists.


Additional Documentation

SIC - Questions and Answers - National Standard on Organic Production Systems (OFC Web Site)

Québec Organic Designation Specification Manual