Where Can you Buy Organic Foods?


Today, it is very easy to buy organic products! For a long time most consumers were had to go to organic markets and to specialty stores to buy their organic supplies, but now all that has changed. Since 1999, an increasing number of retail outlets provide organic products. These outlets are listed under five categories.

Retail stores

Initially, only "natural and organic food" and "cooperatives" specialized in organic food. Even though bakers are currently supplying organic breads with in creasing frequency, traditional retailers such as fruit and vegetable stores, delis or butchers still do not provide consumers with many organic products.

Supermarkets and box stores

Since the end of the 1990s, organic foods have been available in most chain supermarkets and box stores. While the supply of these items has been limited until now, their numbers are rapidly increasing, with large-scale distribution outlets accounting for about half of organic products available.

Specialized markets

Shoppers may also fill up their organic food baskets at city public markets or even from vendors who sell products brought in directly from the farm.

Farms participating in community agricultural support (CAS) projects

Community agriculture support (CAS) projects create a direct link between consumers (partners) and organic farms. In exchange for an advance purchase of shares in the harvest, consumers can get a basket of vegetables or other products delivered regularly to a drop-off point in their neighborhood. Although shares in these projects represent a negligible portion of the organic food market, Quebec's CAS network now links more than 140 farms and several thousands partners. The overall coordination of these projects is provided by the organization Équiterre.


On-line specialty sites are also currently increasing, thanks to the appearance of specialty sites at a particularly rapid pace. The sites however tend to sell a limited selection of goods with relatively long shelf lives (i.e. maple syrup).

Where Can you Buy Organic Foods?