The Act respecting reserved designations and added-value claims


The value of a designation is often recognized by imitations found on the market. The Act Respecting Reserved Designations and Added-Value Claims enables reservation of the use of a designation only to operators who have obtained certification for their products against the approved certification manual and from a CARTV accredited certifier. It also enables prosecution of those using the designation fraudulently.

By 1996, Quebec has innovated by adopting the Act Respecting Reserved Designations (RSQ, Chapter A-20.02). It was intended to support efforts to market food products collectively that distinguished themselves from others products of their class by their particular characteristics or production mode.

To better meet the needs expressed by the sector after 10 years, the Bill 137, An Act Respecting Reserved Designations and Added-Value Claims (LARTV) was adopted in April 2006 and was put in force in 2008. A new Regulation Respecting Reserved Designations published in August 2010 finalizes the framework of this legislation.

The protection conferred by the LARTV is limited to the Quebec territory. This Act, was developed taking into account what happens in particular in Europe regarding protection of agri-food designations so that our products bearing a reserved designation can enjoy a credibility beyond our borders.